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Mazopak Sardasht company is one of the few manufacturers in the field of stain remover and scale remover products, which aims to protect the health of consumers with a versatile product with special features such as no emission of steam and gases with a pleasant aroma and without causing irritation to the eyes during use. The non-corrosiveness of metals and faucets, as well as the surfaces and bands of tiles and ceramics, is produced and imported into domestic and foreign markets. House cleaning, washing kitchen utensils and sanitizing toilets is one of the things that we are constantly in touch with on a daily basis. . In fact, cleaning is one of the necessary things in our daily life. But it is very important how we do this and what materials we use to clean our home or work environment. Generally, people do not have detailed information about cleaning and disinfecting materials and are not aware of the side effects of using them. Also, a percentage of people only consider the speed of cleaning, consider speed to be equal to power, and therefore ignore the other criteria that a standard and suitable detergent must have. This is despite the fact that the use of these detergents has a direct relationship with the health of the people who are in direct contact with them, as well as other people who deal with them indirectly. For this reason, it is impossible to disregard the aspect of the detergent's attention to people's health and only care about the speed and power of whitening. It is possible that acid also removes many pollutions and dirt, but is acid useful instead of a good cleaner?
Boodeet wants to discuss the benefits and harms of detergents and disinfectants for you, so that you can raise your awareness on the correct use of detergents. Definitely, one of the benefits that we consider for using sanitary detergents is to clean surfaces and objects from pollution, infections, and germs in the home and work environment. But preventing the damage caused by the use of these detergents is a hidden benefit that detergents can and must have, but unfortunately it has been overlooked by the public. We can help our health, things and the environment by reducing the negative and destructive effects of detergents, without having to do hard, time-consuming and expensive work. It is clear that this is not possible by removing detergents from daily life; But replacing a good detergent and eliminating harmful detergents can be a good idea to save our life and health.
Most people use detergents such as Vitex and strong scale removers to make the surfaces of the kitchen and bathrooms as well as their dishes shiny and clean. But there are few people who are aware of the side effects of using these dangerous chemicals. These side effects over time can overshadow the health and longevity of people and also cause serious damage to the environment. Even those people who do not clean their house themselves and leave it to others, are not safe from the dangers of using these substances due to the long-term side effects. Here, Beaudit wants to tell you some examples of the side effects and dangers of chemical detergents so that you can choose the most suitable option in detergent products that both guarantees your health and achieves the purpose of using detergent.
Various detergents that are used daily by people at home or at work remove fats, stains and any dirt on surfaces, faucets and containers. But at the same time that these detergents clean and shine household items, they cause serious damage to the skin by removing moisture and fats from the surface of the skin and penetrating allergens deep into the skin. Vitex, which is the most famous acid detergent and most people use it because of its speed in cleaning things and removing stains with the help of dangerous acid substances inside, causes relatively high sensitivity on the skin. Also, this chemical can have a negative effect on the lungs and disturb the respiratory system of people, both those who directly deal with them and those who are present in the place where Vitex has been used for cleaning. Although this disorder may disappear after a few minutes in the first moments, its long-term effects remain. In fact, the entry of steam and explosive gases caused by the use of Vitex into the respiratory system is inevitable, and these substances remain in the respiratory system and eventually make a person suffer from various respiratory diseases. In addition, it sometimes happens that people mix several detergents together to make detergents more effective, for example, they combine Vitex and salt essence and use it to clean toilets. This work causes the multiplication of toxic vapors and may cause immediate irreparable risks for people in addition to the destructive effect that over time for people, especially people who have asthma and other respiratory diseases.
One of the recommendations when using detergents is to use plastic gloves. It should be mentioned that plastic gloves are harmful to the skin and therefore it is recommended to use cotton gloves under them. Now we want to know if the skin of people's hands under all these layers of gloves and with all the sweating that occurs during activities with gloves, will still maintain its freshness and original health or not? Definitely, not allowing the skin to breathe enough can destroy the freshness and freshness of the skin, and over time, people will witness the loss of fat and unusual aging of their hands. By providing a new formula in the world of detergents, the all-purpose detergent of Bodite has been able to eliminate all the above problems; Because the basis of this invention was and is to preserve people's health. This organic detergent, 80% of its ingredients are edible, in addition to eliminating people's worries about using gloves and masks while cleaning, by preserving the fat cells of the skin during use, it prevents any skin sensitivities caused by Detergent is used. In addition, Bowdite does not have any negative effects on the respiratory system, and even people who have underlying respiratory diseases such as asthma can use it without having the stress of aggravating the disease..
Another important characteristic of Boodeet, which distinguishes it from other detergents, is its ability to clean and brighten household items. All kitchen utensils, including glass and crystal, metal utensils, steel, copper, brass, zinc, gold, silver, etc., stone, ceramic, metal surfaces, tiles and sanitary ware, clothes of different materials, carpets And the carpet and sofa will be shiny and clean with the use of Beaudite cleaner. In addition, Beaudite prevents damage to the nature and shape of objects, and continuous use can give objects a longer life. Beaudite does not damage the faucets and does not change their color and glaze. It does not destroy ceramic tiles and preserves the beauty and strength of sanitary facilities and stone, ceramic and tile surfaces. It also removes stains on clothes, bags and shoes easily and other people will not have any worries about creating permanent stains on their clothes, bags and shoes. Another benefit of Boudite is the non-destruction of the environment, which is less important in the production of detergents. In fact, today's industrialized and chemical world has made the environment, which is the place where we humans live, and its lack of health endangers the health of humans, not safe from the dangers and harms of chemical and acid detergents. Entering the detergents into the sewage and finally into the water and underground causes the pollution of the water on the surface of the ground and underground reservoirs. Also, the indestructibility of these materials and their hardness is another damage they cause to the environment.
Boodeet has taken a step towards preserving the environment and its survival as much as possible by having the right pH and a unique formula and by not creating a lot of foam that causes environmental damage. The organic nature of Boudite's ingredients, the absence of the use of fats, gases and all kinds of toxic vapors in it, distinguishes this detergent from other detergents and guarantees the health of humans and their environment at the same time.