boodeet cleaner

without damaging the surface texture

Being versatile in the real sense

Boodeet is the best detergent without steam and dangerous gases, suitable for all surfaces and a suitable replacement for dishwashing liquid, Vitex and scale remover.

Some advantages of boodeet compared to other detergents::

  • No corrosivity and damage to ceramic tiles
  • Without caustic soda, potash, chlorine and formalin
  • Not changing the color of the ceramic tile glaze
  • No emission of steam and gas
  • Thick and economical
  • Fragrant and fragrant

The use of Boodeet

All-purpose cleaner

Economical and thick, suitable for all metal, stone and ceramic surfaces

Washing faucets and sinks

Washing faucets and sinks with bodite without any damage or corrosion of steel

Washing dishes

Washing dishes with bodite with high washing power and gloss without using bleach

Toilet washing

Washing the toilet and bathroom without removing the tile straps with the power of disinfection

Washing machine liquid

Using Boodeet instead of washing machine liquid without any damage to fabric

Dishwasher gel

Using Boodeet instead of dishwasher gel without any damage to the glaze and color of the dishes

car wash shampoo

Using Boodeet instead of car wash shampoo without any damage to the car's paint

carpet shampoo

With high cleaning and stain removal properties without any damage to the taropod of the carpet

Sofa shampoo

Using Boodeet instead of sofa shampoo with high cleaning and stain removal properties without damaging the sofa fabric

Sardasht Mazopak Company, Boodeet brand

Mazopak Sardasht company is one of the few manufacturers in the field of stain remover and scale remover products, which aims to protect the health of consumers with a versatile product with special features such as no emission of steam and gases with a pleasant aroma and without causing irritation to the eyes during use. Non-corrosiveness of metals and valves, as well as the surfaces and bands of tiles and ceramics, to produce and import into domestic and foreign markets.

How to use Boodeet

The best suits you

Experience the feeling of cleanliness with Budit's versatile detergent

  • Containers and objects: First, pour some boodeet on the Scotch and then wash and rinse the dishes and objects with it.
  • Metal, stone and ceramic surfaces: First, we wet the desired surface and pour some bodite on it and spread it on the surface with a brush. We leave it on for 15 minutes so that the stain, mass and hidden dirt on the surfaces are completely removed; Then, pouring a little water on the surface, brush again and rinse